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Producer of the best Japanese organic reishi (Ganoderma, Lingzhi)


World's Best Organic

Innoculation of the fungi done in a sanitized room. Our entire production system is monitored strictly and when can insure the traceability of every material that we are using. the best Reishi are produced in strictly controlled and monitored environment.
This is the result of long years of commitment in order to produce the best Ganoderma lucidum products avilable in the market. Ganoderma Essence, Reishi powder, Reishi extract, Reishi tea, reishi capsules, reishi tablets and pills, Delicious reishi tea.

Treat yourself to our proven Reishi Supplement to gain a revitalization boost 

Introducing the world best reishi mushroom producer: Hokkaido Reishi

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Hokkaido Reishi - Deer Horn Reishi. ​

"The highest ß-Glucan Content Registered"

The result of our commitment to producing the best Reishi is the "Ganoderma amboinense” or Deer horn shaped reishi named after the shape it takes (deer antlers). ​​


Its Nutrient and ß-Glucan are the highest ever observed in a Reishi Mushroom.  ​​


Scientifically proven worldwide as nature's most potent health booster and overall conditioner. Ganoderma is often associated with longevity, youthfulness, and vitality.

Our joint researches with the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and the University of Hokkaido permitted us to achieve a high level of quality. ​

Laboratory test made on our production revealed a level of 60.6g of ß-Glucan per 100g, when usually mainstream products have an average level of 10%. Polysaccharides are among the main active ingredient conferring the Reishi Mushroom its potency against tumors and diseases.

Our Production is completely integrated, quality assurance and traceability are our top priorities, we are also an Eco company and are trying to lower our ecologic footprint as much as we can.  ​

We are also the ONLY Japanese company Certified JAS Organic for Cultivation and transformation or Reishi. 

The highest concentration of active ingrdient ever observed in a mushroom
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REISENMEITO Gold Capsules 40 

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100% Deer Horn Shape Ganoderma (or ganoderma amboinense) capsules.

If you don't have the time to enjoy your ganoderma tea, are always on the starting block and  overbooked, but still want to be healthy....Our supplement are perfect for you, made only with our best Reishi it is the insurance of an healthy body...It is said "one apple a day keeps the doctor away" now it is one "Reishi" a day keeps him way"...  The best health and food supplement on the market.


In japan and asia reishi mushroom are used to treat a large array of symptoms , the Beta glucan and ganoderic acid it contains are known for their benefical effect on your health and strengthen your recovery abilities. 


 ​​​​​​Contents: 7.32g (180mg [Deer Horn reishi powder120mg+gelatin capsules 60mg ] ​​×40       capsules)

■ Instructions:  4 every day (2 morning, 2 evening) , drink with warm water

■ The level βglucan is about 60% Triterpenes (Ganoderin acid A) is about 30~40%

■ We are using 100% pure grinded and powdered reishi. We decided to choose that method because extracting the essence will damage or destroy the precious active ingredient (Ganoderin acid A and reduce βglucan levels ). 

                        $ 76

We are committed in producing ONLY the BEST Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) in the Market, only the highest quality Reishi are worthy of beeing called "miraculous mushrooms" or "Elixir of Longevity"

Delivery is free for order over 200 USD


Joint research with AIST


Our researchs results and production method were published in the International of medicinal mushrooms. The paper was written in collaboration with eminent professor of the AIST. Pr Tamotsu Hoshino

Hokkaido Reishi's "Oukou" will be soon available in Hong Kong

October 30th, 2013

Our Brand "Oukou" will be soon be availbale in Hong Kong throught the networks of our Distributor "Poon'sPharm" 

OISHII JAPAN 2013 in Singapore

August 24th, 2013

Hokkaido Reishi will take part to the OISHII JAPAN 2013 Exibition wich will take part on the 17th of October 2013 at Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Ou Booth Number is B25

Food Taipei 2013


Great news!! This researchers have confirmed the reishicapabilities to fight Cancer and Infectious diseases

HKTDC Hong Kong (ICMCM) 2013

August 5, 2013

Hokkaido Reishi will take part in the HKTDC Hong Kong International Conference & Exhibition of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products 2013. Come visit our booth number 1A-B07
Hokkaido Reishi Co., Ltd

From 15 august- 17 August 2013

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

New! Reishi Dried Slice On Sale

August 04, 2013

Due to the high number of request we had from customers, and in order not to deceive their expectation,  we decide to sell Dried Reishi slice.

Our Reishi are available from 1Kg.

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Our new project: Reishi Sweets

Receive samples for every order* (limited quantity)

Project: Deer Horn Reishi + yeast

Receive samples for every order* (limited quantity)

Contains: Dry bread yeast, sugar beet fiber, cellooligosaccharides, rock salt, antler Ganoderma lucidum, chlorella powder, starch, oyster shell calcium, hydroxypropyl cellulose

 Delicious ways to prepare your   reishi

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