Organic Japan Coffee Reishi


If you are looking for the highest quality in reishi coffee, here it is. Our reishi extract has the highest content of active ingredient it is made with the latest technology and as a ratio of 17:1, it certified JAS organic.


Together with a delicious Organic rare coffee grown by a highly reputable producer in Madagascar. The collaboration of the bests from Japan and Madagascar


■   Contents: 100g

■   Shelf life: 2 years  
■  Conservation Method: Avoid long and direct exposition to sunlight, hot places, high humidity, please store in a cool place. Please keep in the fridge after the cap has been opened.


Recommended use: 


- A classic coffee for traditional coffee lovers

- Kick-start your day with a strong, flavorful coffee

- For those who have an irregular diet because of busy life style

- For those who want to improve their general health

- For those who are not eating enough fruits and vegetables

1bottle   $27

The Best 

Reishi Coffee

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