Deer Horn Shaped Ganoderma mixed with the best products of Hokkaido

Deer Horn Shaped Reishi Functional Food

Reduction of Reishi "Hokkaido Reishi  Yeast H"

Product name reduction yeast Ganoderma lucidum food Hokkaido litchi yeast H ( Dosage form: granules )

Nutritional Information
( One pack of  3.6g )


  •     Energy 9.9kcal

  •     Protein 0.8g

  •     Lipid 0.1g

  •     Carbohydrate 0.9g

  •     Dietary fiber 1.2g

  •     Sodium 76.7g

Raw materials:

dry baker's yeast , sugar beet fiber , cello sugar , rock salt , antler Ganoderma lucidum , chlorella powder , starch , oyster shell calcium , hydroxypropyl cellulose

Storage method:

Please keep in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity


  • One box contain 3,6g x 30 Bags (2 months supply)

  • No additive nor Artificial colorant


  • Hokkaido Reishi yeast H  can be taken at any time .

  • Please drink one bag (every 1~2 days) with a cup of warm water 


  • The Smell of this product can incommode certain person, please mix it with milk , yogurt or Calpis juice or any dairy products .


  • As for any health and functional food always consult your practician before taking this products

  • This particular reishi product help you improve your intestinal environment and facilitate bowel movement.

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