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Here you will find the latest news and development concerning Reishi researches and development. You will also find the details of or events and promotions. 

Acquired Ex-Bibai Elementary Scool

We were choosen among several company to exploit the terrain and bilding of the City of Bibai ex elementary school.
This will allow us to triple our production buy the end of 2016 and open new possibilities to the expansion of Hokkaido Reishi co., ltd. (article is From Hoppo Journal October 2015)​

Featured on a russian documentary on the leading business in Hokkaido

We were  featured in a russian documentary in collaboration Hokkaido Broadcasting System...Please watch from 10:17
We will put subtitles later on
In this short documentary, our CEO is talking about our production process, how we started our commitment to produce only the best products (reishi extract, capsules, reishi tea)

Preparing for Spring and Summer

After the long and severe winter we are transferring a portion of our production to greenhouses. Our Highest Quality Deer Horn shaped Reishi (antlers shape, ganoderma amboinense), however remain inside a constantly controlled and monitored air conditioned room until harvest to insure the highest quality possible. ​

Lowering our ecological footprint by recycling used oil

Chosen to be on the cover of Sapporo Keizai Magazine

We made the commitment to produce only the best Reishi, in order to do so we are only using the best oak and plum wood as our medium. The reason is the wood cut at the beginning of the winter (5 to 6 month in Hokkaido) and stored for a period a 2 to 3 month in our big natural fridge, is known to have the highest quantity and quality of nutriments. 
By using used cooking oil as fuel in our vehicles and heating system , we are contributing to protect our environment by lessening to the maximum our ecological footprint .
Please take a look at our cultivation process for more details on the above matters. 

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In addition to being the "Brand of the north 2012", we got the privilege of being on the cover of the magazine the Sapporo Chamber of Commerce is publishing. For this month of november you will see the RESEIMEITO reishi tea Decoction as the cover.  

Made from our finest reishi this reishi tea will revitalize your body and improve your immune system. 

Actively participating and promoting the ecocap NPO

We are collecting bottle caps in order to raise fund for vaccination in developing countries. You can contribute to this movement by sending them your bottles caps or by directly donating to the organisation. Together let's protect or environment and our childrens.
800 caps=1 child vaccination
This is a good documentary about Reishi and although it is sponsored by a concurrent company we think it is well done so deserved to be used as a reference. 
However our red reishi has a better quality (analysis data available) higher content in polysaccharide polymer also known as Beta glucan; when their reishi is only containing  less than 30% our has the double at 60.6%.
We are also producing the rare deer horn shaped reishi which is considered as the highest quality reishi.
Check our selections of reishi tea and reishi extract here
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