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Become our partner to expand our network and sell the best reishi available on the market. Distribute the highest quality reishi capsules under your own brand. 

Raw Reishi, Reishi (Fruiting body, spores, mycelium)

The Reishi we are producing are displayed here. The result of all our researches and efforts . We are very proud of our products and if possible would like to associate with companies that are in the health, food or cosmetics business. WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTORS AND/OR RESELLERS  . We are also considering OEM for products ( use our capsules, tea, reishi under your own brand) and Raw materials. Send us a message via our contact form for more information.


Organic Reishi powder and capsules
Deer Horn Shape reishi capsules in Bulk

By buying our reishi capsules you have the guaranty to have the highest quality reishi capsules that will help you boost your brand sales. Our capsules are made with our best reishi and with HPMC vegi capsules. Our reishi best seller!


* The capsules used are all-natural and suitable for a variety of dietary requirements including vegetarians, diabetics, and those on restricted diets.This product does not contain soy, gluten, or animal products.


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Made with our finest deer horn shaped reishi, this is the best reishi (ganoderma) product currently available
reishi and products
Deer Horn Shaped Reishi (Antlers reishi) 鹿角霊芝


More than 10 five years were needed to achieve a quality result that we judged sufficient enough to present our customers. We are proud to say that our reishi is among the best if not the best in term of quality and nutrient quantity (registering 60.6g of  Beta Glucan per 100g). We chose these results we hope that our reishi will help restore your health and maintain it.

Made with our finest deer horn shaped reishi, this is the best reishi (ganoderma) product currently available
Big Cut
Small Cut
Red Reishi


​Served as a basis to develop out top tier Dee Horn Reishi. Among the best red reishi with 53.2g of Beta glucan per 100g.   

Organic Reishi capsules private label, Reishi tablets, Teabags in bulk
Tablets, reishi tea, blend tea partnership, PB.OEM

If you are planning on creating your own brand of health product, please take a minute to consider the option of using the best reishi as a basis to your products.


We can create custom formulas that will best fit your needs by mixing our reishi with any product you will request (any tea, coffee, cocoa, vitamins, herbs,....) and make them into capsules, tablets, or teabags. (or any conditioning of your choice). Do you want a sport orientated products or a beauty product? everything is possible!! Please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Reishi capsules, Reishi tablets, Teabags in bulk
Sourcing Organic Raw materials and Ingredients

We can help you source Organic Japanese ingredients to help you create your product line.  We are working closely with producer all other Japan that can provide top quality ingredient at reasonable prices. 


The most popular product that we are asked to source are:

- Fucoidan

- Royal Jelly

- Fish oil

- Horse placenta

- Collagen​

JAS Organic certified Japanese reishi mushroom extract
Red Reishi Soluble Extract

Highly concentrated extract of our best red reishi with 53.2g of Beta glucan per 100g. 

First, the reishi essence was extracted through the most advanced hot water extraction process, sprayed in thin layers, then it was dried into a fine soluble extract form.


Even though the Beta glucan and ganoderin Acid level are slightly lower (due to the heat during the extraction process) this is a great product for those who want to create their own reishi products, with 1 kilo of our reishi extract you could produce thousands of bottles of drinks or cosmetics   (our current portfolio includes energy drinks companies, winemakers, cosmetics makers,...).

Also, thanks to the extraction process other active ingredient have been concentrated to a high level

Organic Premum Japanese reishi capsules
OUKOU Reishi Premium Capsules 

Four Individuals or companies willing to buy our best seller products in large quantity, or want to be reseller or distributors, we have prepared a premium  box set of Oukou Premium Capsules at wholesaler price. We will Include all the promotional materials you need In English, Chinese, Vietnamese and French. Promotional materials include but not limited to : whole reishi mushroom display, booklets, pamphlets, brochures, sample sets, ( roll up banner and flag banner are available too.