Amazing Bamboo grass cream revolutionizes face care.

Updated: Mar 23

About Kumai Bamboo Grass: 

The bamboo plant, which is included in the grass family, is a hidden treasure of health. Bamboo shoots are a delicacy in Asia, and are available either fresh, fermented, dried or canned. They are now rising in popularity in the west due to modern research accrediting various health benefits to bamboo shoots. Known as the "king of the forest" in Japan, this traditional forest vegetable can benefit your health and be the silent doctor to all your ailments.

KUMAI Bamboo Grass Face cream

Deeply hydrating with a luxurious consistency, made with the best ingredient Hokkaido can offer, our Bamboo Grass Face Cream provides comfort and relief for dehydrated and dry to normal skin. With a high concentration of essential fatty acids, it works to help plump and firm while creating a radiant glow on the surface. Organic kumai bamboo grass (leaves) extract, orange flower water, honey, and shea butter restore vitality by encouraging renewal in the skin and provide a subtle licorice aroma. Rich in texture, a small amount goes a long way, making it versatile enough to be layered on top of a serum or applied on its own, resulting in lasting hydration throughout the day.

90% organic. cruelty-free

■   Contents: 50g /1.76oz

■   Shelf life: 6 months   ■ Conservation Method: Avoid long and direct exposition to sunlight, hot places, high humidity

■  Properties

- Hydrates brightens and balances the complexion - Rejuvenating properties discourage scarring and hyperpigmentation - Gentle enough for sensitive or irritated skin

Scent profile:  Sweet with hints of licorice 

■  Directions of use

Apply a pea-sized amount on the skin after cleansing and toning. Massage well in upward and circular motions. It can also be layered on top of a face serum.

■   Ingredients: Organic kumai bamboo grass (leaves) extract, orange flower water, honey, shea butter, birch sap, orange peel oil, royal jelly, ...

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