Hokkaido Reishi in Japanese

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Hokkaido Reishi in Japanese
YASOKOSO Reishi & Herbs & Fruits Enzyme

"Extracted, fermented, refined  and matured the Power of Nature" in this unique concentre of health.  This Herbal and fruits extract is the result of a carefull and controlled process of aging and fermentation of more than 80 natural ingredient (including medicanal plants, wild flower, fruits, seaweed) in the "turtle ceramic pot" .  
​■  ​​​​ Contents: 500ml 
​■  ​​ Shelf life:​ 2 years​ 
■  Conservation Method: Avoid long and direct exposition to sunlight, hot places, high humidity, please store in a cool place. Please keep in the fridge after the cap has been opened.

Recommended use: 

- For those who have an irregular diet beacuse of busy life style
- For those who want to improve their genereal health
- For those who are not eating enough fruits and vegetables
- For those drinking too much alcohol, heavy smokers, and relying too much on procesed food.

YASOKOSO Reishi & Herbs & Fruits Enzyme