The best Reishi Japan (hokkadio reishi in japanese)

Reishi Powder, Reishi Extract

The Reishi (ganoderma) we are producing are displayed here. Our products are certified Organic and grown in HOKKAIDO (Northern Japan)

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Organic Red Reishi Soluble Extract 


Made with our best Ganoderma , 17 kg of our red reishi is necessary to produce 1 Kg of this extract (17:1), which is water soluble so can be mixed with juice, coffee, tea, chocolate, soap, and so on. The content of βglucan might be lower compared to the powder however it is so small that it can be absorbed through the pores of the skin and the absorption rate is faster.  


This is the best lingzhi extract you will find in the market,  averaging more than twice the content of active ingredients any other reishi Extract product.


Also we are using  High-Pressure Steam extraction that allow us to retain 2 to 3 time more active ingredient compared to "dual extraction method" which create to much waste and is very agressive .  


In this extraction method, heat is hardly added, and extraction is done without damaging useful ingredients by applying pressure in several stages, so it was named "circulating multistage pressurized extraction method".

                     100g = $150

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Organic Japan Red reishi Mushroom powder

                     500g = $330

Organic Red Reishi  Powder (ganoderma Lucidum)


Served as a basis to develop our top tier Deer Horn Reishi. Among the best with 53.2g of Beta glucan per 100g. How much reishi powder to take a day?  Measuring scoop for daily  dosage of reishi powder (1.2g/day) will be provided, If you can't stand the bitter taste the capsules are recommended

Organic Deer hon shape reishi powder made in japan

                     500g = $597

Deer horn shape Reishi  Powder (ganoderma Amboinense)


The best reishi with 60.6g of Beta glucan per 100g.  The result of our commitment to produce only the best products. Micronized to preserve all the active ingredient. ​Measuring scoop for daily  dosage will be provided. if you can't stand the bitter taste the capsules are recommended

Made with our finest deer horn shaped reishi, this is the best reishi (ganoderma) product currently available
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