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Top 3 Questions
1. Is this an MLM program?
No. There are no financial obligations, no selling hyped-up products or annoying others. You simply introduce them (via your code) to one of the best overall values for brand name natural products on the market. Their potential savings could be hundreds of dollars per year!
2. Will I be making money off my friends?
No. Like any other business, we have marketing budget. Instead of giving it to Google, Yahoo, or other means of advertising, we give it to you.
3. What about my personal information, or that of my friends? Is it safe?
Hokkaido Reishi has ever shared, rented, or sold any customer information to any other party.
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How it works

1-Your Code is the Key

Become a  customer and instantly receive your own unique


2. Sharing with Those You Know

Simply recommend us to others and share your Rewards Code with them. Social media is a great way to begin sharing Your code will produce an instant discount of  10USD  when any individual shopping at our for the first time enters it in the shopping cart before checking out.


3. Earning Rewards (from store credit to cash back!)

After someone places an order using your code, we will reward you by adding credit to your account. Please note that the credit you earn does not come from the people you refer, but rather, from a portion of our marketing budget, which was set aside to thank our loyal customers.


Your rewards credit will enter a 30 day pending period before becoming "Available". Once available, credits will be applied to (subtracted from) your next purchase, as soon as you enter your code.


Or, if by the end of the calendar month, you've reached an amount totaling $300 or more in credit, we'll automatically send you a Rewards check in that amount (or via paypal). Earned credits totaling less than $300 will simply roll over to the next month's calendar.


Your reward activity summary will be reported to you on a monthly basis.


Credit Amounts & Levels

Level 1 • Anyone who directly enters your code during checkout earns you a 4% reward -- based on their order subtotal. Level 2 • The above referrals may then hand out their code just like you did. • Any sale associated with their code now earns you 3%. Level 3 & 4 • The process repeats itself two more times with Level 3 earning you 2%; and Level 4, 1%.


365-day return

Any of the above referrals who return to us to make additional purchases within 365 days of first purchase of your 1st level referral will earn you the same reward percentage -- based on that individual's level.


Very Important Points Unused "rewards credits" will expire 180 days (6 months) after the date they become "Available". Please be sure to use them before they expire. Any misuse of the Program, e.g., fraud, spam or other, will result in immediate termination and forfeiture of all accumulated rewards credits. Please see our Terms and Conditions.