Reishi Senbei "Delicious & Healthy"


Enjoy the perfect reishi snack, made by samurai senbei with ingredients from Hokkaido and Mixed with the best reishi, and in 4 different flavors (shrimp, scallop, corn, soy sauce), goes well with our relaxing reishi tea.


■   Contents: 8 bags (2 bags of each flavor)

■   Shelf life: 6 months  
Conservation Method: Avoid long and direct exposition to sunlight, hot places, high humidity, please store in a cool place. Please keep in the fridge after the seal.

■   Ingredients: Uruchi mai (white rice Hokkaido), Olive Oil,  Salt, Shrimp Powder, Corn Powder, Scallop Extract, Dextrin, Soy sauce, Sugar,  Dried Fish flakes, Reishi, Seasoning 


What are senbei: 

Senbei, often called "rice crackers" in English, has been enjoyed as traditional confectionery by Japanese people over the centuries. It is made from rice which is historically the most important agricultural product in Japan. It is produced by baking or frying rice dough and flavoring it with salt or soy sauce. The rice crackers are popular as souvenir or gift because they are loved by people of all ages and the shelf life is quite long.

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Reishi Senbei Production Process​

Grinding the rice into flour



Preparing Sticky Mochi





The white rice is cleaned with water. After soaking and draining, it is carefully reduced into a homogeneous powder with a stone mill.

The powder is poured into a large recipient, then hot water is added it is then kneaded manually until desired consistency is achieved.

The kneaded balls of dough are then divided into smaller portions, arranged in a steamer and steamed.

The steamed balls of dough are then placed into a machine that will transform them into mochi consistency









The transformed dough is then thinly stretched by a roller and cut into a rice cracker shape with a special blade and arranged on a net.

The cracker shaped disk of  dough then are dried in a drying cabinet over 4 to 5 hours with hot air.

The rice crackers are lined on a grill and flipped frequently, flattened and shaped into their final shape using a special tool, they are baked until they become golden.

The baked rice crackers are then coated with different kinds of seasoning and Flavouring.