A result about my parents taking Reishi

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Posted on March 24 2022

As you know, Reishi is said to have many benefits, and in Chinese folklore it is sometimes referred to as the "herb of immortality" or "panacea". I am sure that there are many people who understand that Reishi is a good health material, but there are also those who wonder why it is called "panacea".


Why is it a "panacea"?

Reishi contains more beta-glucan, an active ingredient, than other mushrooms. In addition, it also contains an active ingredient called ganoderic acid, which is found only in Reishi mushrooms. There are several hundred types of ganoderic acid, including ganoderic acid A and ganoderic acid C. These ganoderic acids are said to be effective against each disease, which may have given rise to the term "panacea.



A result about my parents taking Reishi

(1) I am able to sleep soundly.

My mother (in her 50s) started working the night shift at her job 2 years ago, so she is off during the day. Therefore, she has to sleep during the daytime, but since she had been in the habit of sleeping normally at night for many years, she had difficulty sleeping during the daytime until recently.

I received some Reishi from my company and gave it all to my parents.

When I called my parents this week and asked them how they felt after taking the Reishi, they told me that they can now sleep even during the day. Isn't that just something you get used to? When I told her that this may be somewhat true, she said that she used to wake up many times during the night when she went to bed, and the quality of her sleep was not good, but after taking Reishi, she was able to sleep soundly without waking up even during the day.

I took Reishi and was able to sleep soundly without waking up in the daytime.


(2) My constipation has been improved.

My mother had been constipated for a long time. She used to go to the bathroom only twice a week, but after taking Reishi, she started going to the bathroom every day. I was so surprised to hear her story that I decided to take Reishi every day.

Her complexion has improved, and she has regained her energy.


(3) My complexion has been improved.

 My father (in his 40s) had a serious illness two years ago, had surgery, and has been depressed ever since. When I asked him how he felt, he told me that his face started to blush, and he felt much better than before.



-Reishi improves sleep.

-Reishi improves constipation.

-Reishi is an immune booster.



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    Year 2018 my husband had a stroke. The left side of his body was affected. His physical therapy was 5x a week but the improvement was very little. I did a lot of research on what is the best supplement for him to take to improve his overall health then i came across your Hokkaido Reishi powder. I order from your site and immediately he started taking it. After a month of regularly taking it we saw a lot of improvement from his physical strenght.
    Then after a year he suffered from hospital acquired Pulmonary Tuberculosis. One year of continous medication for his PTB and his liver and kidney remains in tip top conditon. He never had any side effect from his ptb medication. I believed the Reishi capsule he continously took help him to overcome side effects from all drugs that he took for his ptb. Then when covid hit the world, my whole family was infected and my husband who had a stroke and was just cleared from his PTB was the first one from my family to got better in just 3 days. It’s a miracle. He is continously taking the Reishi capsule, 3 capsules with vitamin c in the morning, in empty stomach.
    Then last January 2023, his face got swolen. His parotid glands and lacrimal glands all swelled. He was operated February 15, 2023 and upon biopsy of the 3 lumps that was removed from his face the doctor said it is a Non Hodgskin Lymphoma. But in all his blood works and CT scan there are no sign of cancer. Latest check up we had with his oncologist last May 29, the doctor said he in full remission. The only treatment he had was his operation and nothing else.
    I believed aside from Prayers, your Reishi capsule that my husband continously taking until now help strenghten his immunity and help encapsulate the cancer cells to his 3 lympnodes that was operated and the whole body ct scan that my husband undergone proved that there where no cancer in his whole body.
    I have decided to share this story for others to try your reishi capsule for health.
    I do not take it because it is too expensive and I can only afford to buy for my husband this time.
    If you need proof, i have all his medical record and my email purchases of your product. I do not buy 1 bottle, i always buy during your promo period.

    Posted by Lou | June 17, 2023
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