Shipping FAQ

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about shipping.

1. How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are based on the number of items you order and the delivery location. When you add items to your cart and enter your address on the checkout page, the shipping cost will be displayed. You will be able to confirm the shipping cost before completing your purchase.

  • For orders over $200, shipping is free, regardless of your location.
  • For orders under $200, we charge a shipping fee of $25.

2. Which couriers do you use?

  • We usually use Japan Post's Express Mail Service (EMS).
  • If you are in a hurry, please get in touch with us before purchase, and we can arrange shipment via DHL or FedEx. However, please note that this will cost extra.

3. Can you ship to my address via FedEx?

  • FedEx cannot ship to PO Boxes, APOs, or AP addresses.
  • We do not currently ship via FedEx to customers in Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Russia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and most of the Middle East due to the extensive customs paperwork requirements imposed on individual shippers and issues with local shipping companies.

4. Can you ship to my address via postal services?

  • Restrictions: We typically use Japan Post's Express Mail Service (EMS), which cannot ship to APOs or AP addresses (PO Boxes are okay).
  • Extended Delivery Times: Delivery to South American countries and Italy can take considerably longer. It is best to expect double the above guidelines.
  • Permits & Documentation: The customs authorities for some countries may require various documentation. For example, in Mexico, a "Sanitary Permit" may be required. You must arrange for all required documentation and permits required by your local customs authorities.

5. Who pays for import duties?

  • In all cases, you are responsible for paying all import duties and related costs.
  • You must also provide all documentation required by your local customs authorities.
  • If you do not pay the charges or provide the documentation, the package will be returned to us at our initial expense, and you will be responsible for the cost and all return shipping charges.
  • As a general rule, if you wish to have the package reshipped, you will be responsible for the cost. However, in some cases, we may, at our discretion, cover the cost of a reshipment.

6. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Below are some general shipping time guidelines. Please note that these refer to the time calculated from the moment of dispatch — not from placing your order. 

  • EMS: 5–10 business days
  • DHL: 5–7 business days
  • FedEx: 5–7 business days
  • SAL: 2–3 weeks

Delivery times vary depending on the destination country. Orders tend to be particularly slow to reach destinations in Spain, Belgium, Italy, and South American countries.

7. What if my order takes longer than expected to arrive?

The above are standard delivery times, but we cannot guarantee them. Your package may be delayed due to various factors that we have no control over. Please run through the following checklist before contacting us.

  • Tracking: If your order was shipped via EMS, FedEx, or DHL, a tracking number should have been sent to you. Please visit the courier's website with that tracking number to see the status of your shipment. If you have trouble, please get in touch with the local office of the courier. If your order was shipped via SAL, please note that they do not have a tracking number and cannot track shipments.
  • Customs: Often, packages are held for customs reasons or because they won't fit in your mailbox. In this case, the postal service should leave a notice informing you of the situation, but it may go missing. Try contacting your local post office to see if your package has been placed on hold.
  • Address Errors: Double-check that your order had the correct shipping address. Even a simple typo can cause big problems.
  • Package Forwarding: If you have recently moved, ensure that you have registered a forwarding address at your previous post office and that it is correct.
  • Check with People: If you shipped to a family member, friend, colleague, or workplace, please check with them. Your package may have already arrived, but they forgot to tell you.

If your order has still not arrived after going through the above checklist and waiting double the standard shipping times above, please contact us at

Japan Post has up to six months from the dispatch of your order to investigate the loss of your parcel. Thus, if you do not contact us within six months from the date of shipment, we regret that we cannot assist you.