Hokkaido Reishi’s reviews and testimonials

Here are our reviews and the testimonials of the experiences of our Hokkaido
reishi’s users, how our products improved or affected their conditions.

Hokkaido Reishi’s Customers

Here you will find a compilation of how our customers experienced our products


I have been taking these Deer Horn reishi capsules for 9 months now. I take two capsules every morning and evening. In my case, as soon as I started taking them, I felt more awake and my fatigue improved. Since it is not a medicine, I think it is important to continue taking it, so I am still taking it constantly. Also, when I went to see a physician about a month or two after I started taking it, my blood pressure was measured and I was very happy to see that my blood pressure levels had improved. I would like to continue taking this product to help maintain my health. One last thing I would like to ask is for you to release a product that is a little less expensive, as it is difficult for some people to spend more than 10,000 yen every month. I would like to continue to be indebted to you, so I hope you will heed my request. Thank you very much.

Domon Masaki

I am back to my daily routine of being able to eat cherries.
About three months after taking Reishi mushroom to restore my immune system, I ate cherries when I couldn't say no to them, but I didn't have any allergic reaction. After that, I tried peaches, apples, and pears, and I was able to go back to my old routine of eating fruits. If you are like me and have developed food allergies as an adult, I hope you will find this information useful, although I know it varies from person to person.

Ito Mieko, Company president

“I am currently drinking the Deer Horn Shaped Ganoderma tea decoction. I’ve heard that the βGlucan and the other active ingredients contained in Ganoderma lucidum can improve body immunity. I’ve tried ganoderma products from different companies but I couldn’t feel any noticeable change untill I tred Hokkaido Reishi’s products. I my diziness never came back, my vision problem particularly blurred vision is gone, my cough does’t last a long as before, I am very thankfull that they produces their products. Its been four years now that I’m drinking reishi products.”

Ito Kanako, Senior Accountant

“The products are a bit pricier but the results didn’t disappoint me”

Bajish Chandran Gupta, Assistant Professor

“I discovered the existence of reishi 10 years ago and since then I’m addicted to
it, thanks to that illness is no more in my vocabulary”

Yamamoto Genryu, GM & Business consultant

“My husband’s radiologist could not find any tumours in him after 2 PET scans. His oncologist can’t
explain the situation as his blood tests indicate his Prostate cancer is back. I think the Reishi we
have been taking these two years may have restored the balance in his body. But I can’t prove it.
Anyway we will happily continue taking 6 capsules a day. Thank you 😊 “

James Kaiser, ITC Consultant