Do you all know Japanese "dashi"?

Written by ZoeyLiu


Posted on November 13 2021

 Everyone, there is something called "dashi" that many people love in Japan for a long time. Japanese people often use this soup stock to eat miso soup, hot pot dishes, and soba and udon noodles.

Dashi is made by boiling ingredients that contain umami ingredients to taste the ingredients.

 It is a magical liquid that adds richness and delicacy to the taste by adding this dashi stock. In your country, Chinese food "hot water" and Western food "bouillon" "soup stock" Is that. Now, this "Japanese dashi" is attracting attention from all over the world.

 In December 2013, "Japanese food" was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, and "dashi", which is the basis of Japanese food, has become known to the world. The characteristic of Japanese food is that it is carefully taken, but it enhances the taste of the ingredients and brings out the "umami".

 You can't talk about Japanese food without soup stock!

 And this time, we are growing up with love for a Japanese food maker on a daily basis. Please choose Reishi! "Dashi" with Reishi was born! !! Right now, I don't have many opportunities to buy online casually, but the corona has converged. I hope you will give it a try when you come to Japan.


Finally, as soon as possible, give everyone a delicious meal that incorporates this "dashi". I hope you enjoy it with your beloved family.



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