Healthy Do 19th Certification by the Japanese Government

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Posted on September 29 2022

Dear customers, 

Thank you very much for your continued support.

We are pleased to inform you that our products have received the 19th Healthy Do certification by the Japanese Government

What is Healthy Do?

The Hokkaido Food Functionality Labeling System (nicknamed "Healthy Do") is a system under which the Hokkaido Government of Japan certifies the fact that "scientific research on building a healthy body" has been conducted on the functional ingredients contained in health foods and other products, which is the same as Foods with Functional Claims.

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This is a brand page voluntarily operated by Healthy Do certified companies. (

Healthy Do certified products of Hokkaido Reishi

Deer Horn Reishi Capsule

Switching to Healthy Do certified packages will be announced separately.

Features of Deer Horn Reishi Capsule

(1) 100% organic JAS-certified Deer Horn Reishi mushroom fine powder and health-friendly plant-derived capsules are used, and no secondary ingredients or additives are used.

(2) World's top level active ingredient content of Deer Horn Reishi mushroom.

(3) A human clinical study was conducted jointly with Hokkaido University using Deer Horn Reishi capsule.

4) Deer Horn Reishi  capsule have been exported to 64 countries around the world.

5) We have obtained a patent for cultivation of Deer Horn Reishi mushroom.




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