I just made Reishi Matcha Latte, and it was rather compatible and delicious!

Written by ZoeyLiu


Posted on November 05 2021

Have you ever heard of Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)? Reishi mushroom is called "Mannen Take" in Japanese and has been used as a upper medicine in Chinese medicine since ancient times. It may not be familiar to many people in Japan or the West countries, but in China, people from children to the elderly are familiar with the health benefits of Reishi, so that we can say the recognition of Ganoderma lucidum in China is quite high.


Do you like Japanese matcha? I love Japanese matcha. I always buy anything that include matcha, like matcha ice cream, matcha cake, matcha cookies, etc. So, as a matcha lover, I made a Reishi Matcha Latte this time. The bitterness of the Ganoderma lucidum was largely reduced by addition of matcha and milk, and it was rather compatible and delicious. For this reason, I would like to share with you how to make it.


Ingredients used: Ganoderma lucidum extract powder, matcha powder, coffee fresh


1) Put 1g of Ganoderma Lucidum extract powder and 15g of Matcha green tea powder in a glass and add hot water at 60 degrees and mix it (even 1g of Reishi mushroom can be somewhat bitter, so if you are worried about it, add more Matcha powder and milk).


2) Put coffee fresh then finish. I also recommend adding strawberries, bananas, or other fruits as toppings to make it more Kawaii.


Point: The active ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum are lost when poured in hot water, so make sure to use water that is about 60 degrees.


If you're looking for an easy way to stay healthy, but are concerned about the bitterness of Reishi, I highly recommend you try making Reishi Matcha Latte!


So, stay tuned for the next Reishi recipe!





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