Natural Reishi Mushroom Search Project Started

Written by KamataYasuo


Posted on October 22 2021

From this year, we have started a project to search for natural Reishi mushroom in Hokkaido. 

Our Reishi mushroom is known for its high content of active ingredients, but we have been continuing research aimed at improving the quality of Reishi mushroom every day so that our customers will be more pleased. Let's search for natural Reishi mushroom that grows naturally in Hokkaido to utilize it as  research material! That's why this project started. The company may give us a bounty (the amount unknown) to those who find it, so the members’ motivation is quite high.


On Saturday, August 21st.As a result of preliminary research, we gathered in the place where Reishi mushroom was likely to grow naturally, and the first collection project started. However, it is Reishi mushroom, which is said to have been searched by Qin Shi Huang throughout his life, it is not so easy to find. Moreover, when it comes to antler Reishi, it is the mushroom that one can find out one among hundreds of thousands of Reishi mushroom. Even though we were accustomed to Reishi mushroom cultivated in-house, we soon realized that finding a natural Reishi mushroom that grows naturally would be a daunting task.


As a result, we couldn't find it!

However, I'm not going to give up on this, so I will post a group photo of the members who participated this time. I am wondering when we can find out natural Reishi mushroom.



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