Reishi benefits : improve your sleep

Written by ZoeyLiu


Posted on March 15 2022

Reishi has a history of medicinal use in China for more than 2000 years and has been regarded as a miraculous treasure to nourish and strengthen the body, and to support the essence of the body by medicine for many generations. So, can Reishi cure insomnia? What are the efficacy and effects of Reishi ? 

Reishi has different degrees of efficacy on neurasthenia, hyperlipidemia, coronary angina, arrhythmia, keshan disease, plateau discomfort, hepatitis, hemorrhagic fever, indigestion, bronchitis, etc.


Reishi can help you sleep. 

Reishi  has a strong regulating effect on the central nervous system and can play a calming and tranquilizing role, so it is a must for patients with neurasthenia and insomnia. But relying on Reishi alone to treat insomnia is not enough, because the causes of insomnia are mainly environmental, individual, somatic, mental, and emotional factors, etc. To improve insomnia symptoms, you should drink less coffee and tea that hinder sleep and avoid emotional stimulation.


The efficacy and effects of Reishi.

1, enhance memory:

Reishi has "increased wisdom, not forget" and other effects, so people who are busy with work or study can take appropriate to improve the brain, so as to enhance memory, have a better mental state, into life, work, study.


2, treatment of diseases:

Reishi contains a variety of nutrients, these substances can help people improve various diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular, pneumonia, etc., and can also prevent the occurrence of some diseases.


3, improve the skin:

Reishi also has a certain effect on people's skin, especially after puberty, menopause, acne, pigmentation, etc. has the effect of removing spots and beauty, but also has the effect of delaying skin aging, maintain youthful vitality.


4, moisten the lungs and ventilation:

lung lung effect of Reishi is one of the best, many patients with asthma will be cured after taking. And Reishi can also play a tonic role, can restore the original tone, the skin will also become smooth and delicate.


5, cancer prevention and anti-cancer:

Reishi is the best immune function regulator and activator, which can significantly improve the immune function of the body and enhance the patient's own anti-cancer ability, and it has almost no toxic side effects on the human body.


6, Liver protection and detoxification:

Reishi has a protective effect on liver damage caused by various physical, chemical and biological factors, can protect the liver and reduce liver damage, and can also promote the liver's metabolism of drugs and toxins, which has a definite effect on toxic hepatitis.


7, slow down aging:

Reishi contains polysaccharides, peptides, etc. has a significant delay aging effect, can significantly promote the ability of DNA synthesis in the cell nucleus, and can increase the number of generations of cell division, thus delaying the aging of the body.


8, Sleeping aid:

Reishi extract can stimulate motor inhibition, reduce motility, make coordinated movement disorder, present dose-dependent sedative effect, and shorten sleep time on cyclic barbiturate sleep effect, which has inhibitory effect on the center.



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