Reishi Mushroom diet

Written by KamataYasuo


Posted on December 20 2021

I have decided to experiment with diet effect of Reishi using my own body.

Currently, my weight is 88kg. I would like to regularly open how much weight I will lose since the start of this experiment.
By the way, as for my personal data other than weight, it is a typical metabolic body shape as height as 177 cm, male, mid-40s.


Here are the three rules for the Reishi diet that I myself have set.
・ Take in 4 capsules of Dear Horn Reishi(Ganoderma lucidum) capsule per day.
・ In principle, meals are not changed as before. However, refrain from drinking
and eating as much as possible.
・ Make an exercise for about 10 minutes every day (including walking in commuting)

Admitting I've set soft rules for myself, but how much effect could I feel?
The target is minus 10 kgs. I will keep updating the process of this diet experiment
on this blog.



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