The 2nd Natural Reishi Mushroom Search Project

Written by KamataYasuo


Posted on October 29 2021

On Saturday, October 16th. In order to fulfill the previous revenge, we held the 2nd Natural Reishi Mushroom Search Project.

On the day, it was cloudy. It is a nice condition to look for natural Reishi, but the game is full in the morning due to the rain forecast in the afternoon. The place is the same vast virgin forest as the one of the last time. However, this time, we chose another route.


In the last time, I inadvertently had put on sneakers suited walking around the city despite I was challenging wilderness of Hokkaido, and I was taken by the mud and my body was covered with mud. But this time it was different. In advance, I bought shoes for mountain walking that cost about 20,000 yen, and I'm ready to go.


The members other than me were the two elite people who were enthusiastic, announced their candidacy as "I am !" The reason the number of the attendants got halved was simply because the absentees were too busy to join, or they realized it was just a rumor that the company would give a bounty to someone who would find natural reishi mushroom. In any case, the wish for discovery for natural Reishi to improve our product’s quality is common wish shared among all the employees. With the intention of carrying all the employees’ wish, I enthusiastically went into the forest.


As a result, I couldn't find it!

However, I was able to find other kinds of mushrooms, so I will post images for reference.I wonder when we can meet natural Reishi mushroom.



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