What's wrong with high triglycerides? How in the world can I lower it? The answers are all here!

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Posted on March 22 2024

Our company recently organized a physical examination, many people's lipid report card shows high triglycerides, What is triglyceride? What kind of harm will high triglyceride bring? How to control? Today for you to answer one by one.

What are triglycerides?
Triglycerides are what we call fats, which are fat molecules formed from long-chain fatty acids and glycerol and are the most abundant lipids in the human body.

Clinically, serum triglycerides, as an important indicator of routine lipid measurement, is used together with total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol as the basic items of lipid measurement. Its normal value range should

What factors can cause high triglycerides?
Triglycerides are closely related to diet. Nowadays, with the improvement of our living standard, the food on the table is becoming more and more abundant, and big fish and meat are not rare, in short, hypertriglyceridosis is a kind of affluent disease. Specific influencing factors are as follows:

1. Improper diet
After eating a lot of fat, such as animal fat food, triglyceride levels in the body significantly higher; secondly, sugar can be converted into fat in the body, when the intake of excessive carbohydrates, especially the processing of fine grain into the body, will cause elevated blood glucose, synthesize more triglycerides.

2、Inappropriate lifestyle
Often sedentary, lack of exercise, smoking, alcoholism, long-term stress or anxiety, etc., also prone to trigger dyslipidemia, triglyceride elevation

3、Genetic factors
In the family, if one or both parents have dyslipidemia, the prevalence of the offspring will increase accordingly.

Such as diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, liver disease, etc., may also cause dyslipidemia, triglyceride elevation.


Harms of elevated triglycerides

1, accelerate atherosclerosis
Survey data show that the serum triglyceride level is mildly to moderately increased risk of coronary heart disease. When high triglycerides accompanied by cholesterol, LDL increase, HDL decrease, and other risk factors (such as family history, alcohol, smoking, obesity, etc.), caused by atherosclerosis risk is higher.

2, cause acute pancreatitis
High serum triglycerides can cause acute pancreatitis.

3、Other diseases
High triglycerides can also aggravate hepatitis, cause male sexual dysfunction, lead to dementia and so on. What's more, high triglycerides may also lead to the occurrence of cancer.

How to treat high triglycerides?
Triglyceride elevation degree is different, its prevention and treatment strategy is also different.

1、Borderline elevated triglycerides (1.7~2.26mmol/L)
Patients at this stage should actively improve their lifestyles, such as controlling diet, strengthening exercise and reducing body weight.

2、Mild to moderate elevation of triglycerides (2.27~5.63mmol/L)
At this time, the treatment should focus on controlling LDL-C to reach the standard, if there is cholesterol, LDL cholesterol is too high should be combined with the use of statin lipid-lowering drugs, such as Rejuvenate Rosuvastatin for lipid-lowering treatment.

3、Serious elevation of triglycerides (>5.65mmol/L)
At this time, in order to prevent the occurrence of acute pancreatitis, to reduce the triglyceride level as soon as possible, can be used in the class of beta or niacin lipid regulating drugs.

Methods of lifestyle intervention:

1, eat less sugar
If you consume too much sugar, your body will convert the excess calories into triglycerides, so eat less candy, sugary drinks, cookies and pastries.

2、Eat less meat
Fatty meat and other high-fat foods will raise triglycerides, more to eat less.

3、Eat roughly
Too fine food, such as processed white bread, refined rice and refined flour and other food is also easy to be converted into sugar, high triglyceride patients should also eat less.

You can eat more high-fiber foods, not only to reduce triglycerides, but also to reduce the absorption of saturated fat and increase satiety.

4、More exercise
Exercise will metabolize sugar and energy, which will help the metabolism of lipids in the blood and reduce the sugar in the blood and triglycerides in the body.

5、Take Deer Horn shaped reishi mushroom.  The results of a clinical trial in Japan demonstrated that continuous intake of Deer Horn shaped reishi mushroom resulted in lower levels of triglycerides.





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