Hokkaido-reishi.net Policy on Personal Information Protection

The Hokkaido-reishi.net Company (hereinafter referred to as “the company”), as an E-commerce company dealing with healthy products, has a strong consciousness of the significance of protecting our customers’ personal information.
According to JIS Q 150001:2006, the national rules and regulations of personal information and the related policies, we declare here that we will handle the personal information from our customers legally, fairly, accurately and safely.

1. The Acquirement of personal information
Personal information that is provided to the company will be only used for specified purposes. Before acquiring any personal information, we will inform the customer of the purpose in advance. And it will only be used after we are granted permission from our customers. This personal information will only be used within the purview of the business.

2. Application of personal information
The company will take measures to prevent a situation in which the company uses the personal information beyond the specified purposes without prior notice to the customer.

3. The provision of personal information
The company will not provide personal information to a third party, with the exception of the following situations: When consent has been obtained from the customer. When the disclosure of such personal information has been required by law. When it is necessary for protecting important assets such as life and property. When it is considered necessary for the promotion of public sanitation and the welfare of children. When the information is a necessity for the affairs of the government office, local public group, or the lawful executor.

4. The management of the personal information
In order to manage personal information thoroughly and appropriately, we have appointed a personal information protection administrator in order to improve our personal information protection system. We will provide trainings and disseminate the significance of the personal information protection to all of our employees, including all supervisors and staff. At the same time, we will also conduct proper supervision of their work. For the risk of leakage, misplacement, and damage of personal information caused by unauthorized access, falsification and loss, the company is working on the necessary and appropriate security measures. The company can submit customer personal information to the client within the specified purposes under an agreement with the customer. During this process, the client will be strictly chosen based on our principles of the commission selection and decided by its personal information protection system. Once the company and the client have come to terms with the NDA agreement, (Non-disclosure agreement), under the responsibility of a prudent management team, an appropriate supervision of information will be conducted.

5. Consultation of the policy on personal information protection
If you have some questions and inquiries about the acquirement and application of personal information or the management system of our personal information protection, you can contact us as follows: Hokkaido-reishi.net Limited Corporation personal information protection administrator: Email: volan@hokkaido-reishi.com

6. The compliance with the related rules and regulations
The company will handle customers’ personal information, complying with the Information Privacy Act and other relevant laws.

7. Continual improvement
We will continue to make effort to improve the management system of the protection of personal information, so there will be corrections without prior notice.